Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Passions for Fashions *Handmade Holidays* Gift Round-Up

Here's a round-up of some tutorials I have made up here at My Passions for Fashions. I have 8 tutorials here, but you can't use some for other people because you need to take measurements, try things on halfway through making them, and other things like that.

So, without anymore hesitation, I bring you My Passions for Fashions' 2010 *Handmade Holidays* Gift Round-Up! Yay!!! :)

If you know anyone with little girls or if you have a little sister or daughter, you could make them a cute no-sew dress from just about any fabric! Note: to stop fraying around the arm and neck holes, use Fray Stop. Also note that this dress can be adapted for just about any doll!

This recycled cuff is made from plastic shopping bags and is a fun change from working with regular yarn! Almost any gals on your list would surely love this eco-friendly accessory! Note: you can make all sorts of things with plastic yarn/"plarn".

Know any girls who wear ponytails, buns, or braids regularly? Crochet them this scrunchie for a fun change!

What's the perfect gift for anyone? A nice, personalized drawing of course! If you like trying new techniques, try my method of drawing girls.

There's a round-up! Merry Crafting!

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Katie said...

I really love your blog! I just found it through The Christian Fashionista blog, and I found you're alot like me, just more organized! When I post it's more like "update" instead of having something actually interesting! lol! Ok so I read your profile and (haha) I like barbie movies too :):) heehee your not the only 13 year old out there!!! (unless of course you haven't updated your profile in forever...) lol this is a long commment so here's the end! :) Katie

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