Thursday, December 2, 2010

If You Were Wondering...

Here are the results to the 3 polls on my sidebar! My thanks to all that voted!

Should My Passions for Fashions talk more about trends and fashion?

Yes please! 2 (33%)
Sure! 3 (50%)
No! 1 (16%)
My Passions for Fashions is thinking about holding an event here--would you help?

Yes--I would love to! 1 (16%)
If I have to. 0 (0%)
NO!!! 1 (16%)
I need more info first! 4 (66%)

I'm still thinking about the best way to do this, but I'll clue you in soon!
What is your favourite thing every week at My Passions for Fashions?

5 Fave Monday 3 (50%)
Outfit of the Day/Outfit Link Party 0 (0%)
Terrific Thrifty Thursday 3 (50%)
None of them--they're all boring! 0 (0%)

Thanks for your input!

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