Sunday, December 19, 2010

Teen Girl's Daybook (#2)

These are fun to do! I would recommend trying one on your blog or just on a piece of paper. Here's my daybook...

Starting time...8:08p.m.


Outside my window...dark.

I'm thinking...about Christmas time!

I'm reading...the words I type.

I'm listening to...the computer hum.

I'm scarf (just made yesterday), blue shirt, jeans.

I'm excited for...Christmas!!!

I'm sad because...this doesn't apply because I can't think of anything that I'm sad about right now! :o)

I'm hungry for...nothing right now.

The song stuck inside my head is...when I'm asked this question, I actually think about it and then I can't think about it. :P

I would go to sleep soon!

I ♥ red scarf, my new haircut, and Christmas break!

I loathe...the colour "puke green".

Ending time...8:19p.m.

1 comment:

Isabella said...

This sounds cool. =) I might start one but rename it to Tween Girl's Daybook cuz I'm not a teenager yet.

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