Wednesday, December 1, 2010

5 Fave Monday (#4)

First of all, I apologize for not blogging. I'm sorry this is two days late, but better late then never! Here are some things I like right now...
1. Sparkly shoes:

(source) Okay, I don't really like the ones above, but I just had to share them because they look really uncomfortable. I wouldn't like to have my foot stepped on when someone was wearing these! :P

Sorry for all the pictures, but all the fun colours are so pretty! Wouldn't sparkly/sequin shoes be great for the upcoming holidays? The fun colours are killing me!!!

2. Bubble/poof skirts:

(source) This one needs to be a bit longer...
(source) Okay, this skirt is waaaaay to short! Ewww! I wanted to show you the style, though. The colour of that top is pretty... I like everything about this outfit (including her hair) except the awful short skirt! It should be longer!

(source) This one is a little better. The black, red, and white are classy! Those shoes are really cute, too!

Why do so many skirts have to be so short!? Anyway, I just love the "poof" effect and I think I'll be making and rocking one during the holidays!

3. Cool nail art:

(source) Sesame Street!

4. Pink and purple cars:

When I was little, I knew I wanted to have a pink or purple car when I grew up. I still do. I guess that's all a girl wants...

5.  Making stuff for Christmas and getting ready for the holidays! Isn't it a pleasant time?

What have you been liking recently?


Felicity at {Simple Elegance} said...

My thing this week is boots, wire dress forms, poofy pillows, pink fuzzy socks, and cardigans. :)

Love this post, Ponytails. It's so much fun to see your passions each week. ;)

Felicity at {Simple Elegance}

Ponytails [My Passions for Fashions] said...

All your favourites sound good to me! I'm glad you like these "5 Fave" posts. Thank you SO much for commenting often!


Felicity at {Simple Elegance} said...

No problem! You comment just as much on my blog. I'm only returning the kindness. ;)

Felicity at {Simple Elegance}

Madeline said...

Ohh I want a pink car!! Bubble skirts are really cute!!!
p.s. Check out our Christmas giveaway:

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