Thursday, December 16, 2010

Questions and Answers


One week ago, I asked you followers, subscribers, and other readers/commenters if you had any questions for me, Ponytails. You guys came up with some great questions! Hopefully, these answers will help you know the mind behind My Passions for Fashions better.

1. How much experience do you have with sewing/crafting? Is is something you just picked up on, or were you essentially "raised" doing those things?

I have been crafting ever since I can remember. When I was 3, my Mom and older sister formed a craft group with some fellow homeschooling girls and their Moms. I would do easy things or just play if it was a little more involved. (like: sewing Barbie clothes, etc.)

My Mom let me sew on the sewing machine at about age 8. I did a few little things like: Barbie dresses,  a pillow for Barbie, and a few other things. My Mom's sewing machine broke :(, but Christmas '05 she got a new one!!! :o) Then, I made a pair of pajama pants and a skirt with her and I think I made a few other things. Then, I wasn't really interested with the sewing machine for a while after that.

In the winter of 2009, I picked up a crochet book from the library. I knew how to crochet (my Mom taught me and I took a course at a library) , but I kind of forgot. My Mom, the crochet queen, helped me brush up on my crochet skills and I ended up making a hat, scarf, and then I made a headband (my own pattern):

(Those are both old-ish pictures. Ignore the purple and red scarf, that was a birthday present for my Mom. The pink and white is what you should be looking at.)

Then, I got interested in sewing and picked that up again! That was around the time I started this blog! :o) I also got interested in design, fashion, and started taking out lots and lots of books about the fashion industry and design. I also started looking at blogs more.

2. What is your blog going to look like after the makeover? I am always anxious to see makeovers!!

Ummmmmm. It's a surprise. Sorry!

3. What is your favorite thing about the holidays?

Making things for people, the parties/gatherings with family/friends, the yummy food, and the most important reason we celebrate CHRISTmas. Also, Christmas cheer and music. Just not "Christmas Shoes". :(

4. What is your favorite print/pattern?

Houndstooth and polka dots. (not at the same time, though) :o)

5. Do you have any plans for college?

I kind of want to be in the fashion industry, but I'm not sure. I'm only 13!

6. Do you hope to have kids when you grow up? How many?

Ahhhhh! I don't want to think about it quite yet. :o)

7. Do you do all of the graphics, posts and everything on your blog yourself, or do you have someone help you?

I make my own blog designs and posts. When I first started out, my Mom helped me with a few of the settings. (she has been blogging for quite a while) Sometimes, my Dad will take some pictures of me. When I use a picture that isn't mine, I give the source of the photo, too. It's only fair!

8. What religion are you if it is not too personal?


Great questions, everyone!

P.S. I now have 20 followers!!! Welcome to, Katrinka, PetricaC.Jack, Craftydiva, and Megan!

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