Friday, December 10, 2010

Teen Girl's Daybook

I got this idea from God's Daughter. So, here is my daybook...


Starting time...10:35a.m.

Mood...calm-ish, a little tired.

Outside my window...snow, white.

I'm thinking...about the group time (with Mom and sister) I'm doing after I write this.

I'm reading...a lot of school books, blogs.

I'm listening to... the computer hum. ;)

I'm wearing...jeans, black t-shirt, purple sparkly scarf, white socks, black belt, and my hair in a bun.

Yesterday, I...did school, blogged, found a new way to roll rosettes, and other things.

I'm excited for...this afternoon! I outgrew my old boots, so I'm getting new ones. :)

I'm sad because...I'm tired. *yawn*

I'm hungry for...spiced ham!

The song stuck inside my head is...a song from Mulan 2. Ha, ha.

I would make something, run around, and do a cartwheel. ;)

I sparkly scarf and smiley faces. :) :) :o)

I loathe...fishnet tights. :P

A picture I would like to share:

Ending time...10:49a.m.


Anonymous said...

I like this!! Sorry for never announcing it, but i chose the winner of my giveaway and unfortunately it was not you. :(


Justine said...

That's for all of your suggestions for flats. I definitely need to check them out soon!

Just Better Together is having 2 giveaways!

Katie said...

I love your blog!!! It's like I'm looking at myself (ok if I were totally different kind of person then that's what it would be like haha! It's so cool to see a blog like this! BTW, I just wanted to share this blog with you
she is a christian author, I really enjoy her books! her online store is
:) Katie

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