My Tutorials

These are my tutorials. If you make something from one or more of my tutorials please e-mail me or leave a comment on my blog. mypassionsforfashions (at) yahoo (dot) ca

Barbie and Only Hearts Club Dress Pattern: An easy no-sew frock type dress

Crocheted Eco-Friendly Plastic Bag Cuff Bracelet: A crochet pattern for an eco-friendly bracelet made out of shopping bags

Crocheted Scrunchie Pattern: A crocheted scrunchie that's really easy

T-shirt into Belted Top Tutorial: A way to tranform an old t-shirt into a cool belted top

Easy Microwave S'mores: A yummy and fast s'more

Art: How to Draw a Girl: A way to draw girls and a good tip on drawing hair

The Boardwalk Top Tutorial: A summer-time type top with "rope" straps refashioned from a t-shirt
S.O.S. (Save Our Shoes) Tutorial: Give your socks a little refashion so they don't ruin your outfit

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