Tuesday, May 11, 2010

T-shirt into Belted Top Tutorial

I have this one t-shirt that I got for my birthday last year and I love it! The decal on it is so funny and cute! But it got a little hole in it, so I couldn't wear it. :-(

The little black arrow shows where the hole is located.
This is where the idea for this project started. I asked my older sister for advice about what I should do because you would normally just toss a shirt with a rip, but I loved this one! (And of course I wouldn't throw out a t-shirt! There is refashioning to be done!) My sister has good suggestions and I thought she could help. She said, "Well, you just make a hole in the other side so it will match!" I laughed because, well, she was being sarcastic. Thanks loads, Sis. "Wait! Hang on a second, that's a good idea!"

For this project you will need:

  • An old t-shirt with a hole near the side seam (if it's one near your waist or hips). If not, just an old t-shirt is fine.

  • Scissors

  • Ruler

  • Chalk, pencil, or fabric marker

  • A belt that looks nice with the t-shirt and fits well

1. If you do have a hole near the side seam, you don't need to make the mark. If you don't have a hole near the side seam put it on and make a mark on one side where you want the belt to sit (at your hips or waist). Then cut a very short slit. (Take the shirt off first!) If the shirt already has the slit/hole then skip this step. The picture below is showing that the hole is where the belt should sit. 

 2. Use the ruler to help you make a mark directly across from the other hole. Then cut another slit.

3. Now beside each slit make another slit only on the other side of the seam creating a sort of loop. You can make the slits bigger, but starting the slits smaller is a good idea.

4. Put on the t-shirt, slide the belt through the loops, and buckle it.
 You can make the slits longer if you need to. And if you make the slits to long then you can tuck a little bit of the slits under the belt.
5. Ta-da! Enjoy your new belted top! :)

 I think it turned out nicely! If you had a really thick or a really thin belt you would just make the loops big enough to put the belt through. You could also do this on a t-shirt that needs something special. So if you just wanted to make a belted top you could make it with a t-shirt that had no rip in it in the first place. I also made the slits holes instead, but now I know that slits will work a little bit better. ;-) And who says you have to stick with one belt?

I love the little flower charm on this one:

Or maybe sparkles to glam it up:

Or maybe just a simple black belt:



La-Dee-da crafter said...

What a great idea! It is like getting a new shirt without spending $$$$. You have great projects so I am following you now.

Thanks new friend!

Ponytails said...

I'm glad that you like my blog! Thanks for becoming a follower!

JHill said...

No way you could throw that tee out! It's way too cute. Love the refashioning you did too!

Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

JHill said...

I am going to be featuring this tutorials on my blog tomorrow morning!


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