Monday, May 31, 2010

Features on My Blog

I have been tinkering with which way I like my blog best since I started this blog in March and so, I thought I would show you all the things you can do on my blog on the side bar beginning at the top.

-You can get a blog button for your blog if you were featured on Terrific Thrifty Thursday or if you just like my blog. If you want a blog button, scroll down the page to my labels and click blog buttons.

-You can read about me on my blogger profile. And the other blog I sometimes post at.

-You can look at my Yahoo avatar and click on it if you have Yahoo Mail and customise your own avatar.

- Every single post is archived so if you want to look at other posts you can.

- You can look at my labels and pick one. For example, if you are only looking for clothes for dolls than you click on the clothes for dolls label and you get every post about clothes for dolls.

- You can feed and brush my pet guinea pig, Butterscotch! Don't forget to turn up the sound Butterscotch squeaks! I made him from and you can adopt your very own virtual pet for your own blog or just save them in your favourites.(they even have llamas!)

- If you want to see how many people visit My Passions for Fashions each day than you can click on the s
Sitemeter button and take a look.

- If you like my blog than you can follow it!

- And near the bottom are all the blogs that have featured me! If you have featured me please let me know so I can take your blog button or mention you on my blog.

- There is also a list of link partys to go to!

And on the posts you can: See other related post on my LinkWithin or comment on the post. Anyone can post a comment and you don't have to belong to blogger. I read every single comment because they are e-mailed to me so if you comment on a post from way back in March I will read it. Don't feel like leaving a comment? You can tell me if the post was: intresting, cool, or helpful. And when you click on comments it's a pop-up box so you can keep reading instead of having to go to a whole new page.



Iyana said...

Hi! I have a fashion blog too, and I just wanted to say yours looks waay cooler then mine :) So since your blog is awesome, i'm going to follow so keep on talking about fashion!

Ponytails said...


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