Sunday, May 2, 2010

Old Navy!

Hello! Disclaimer: I was not asked to do this review and it was done at my own free will.
I have found a really good store that almost always has what you are looking for. What store is that? Old Navy. A few of my friends also find that they have a little something for everyone. I think people like it because Old Navy's clothes come in so many different colours and styles that you almost always come out with something. Here's a link to the girls section.
  Here are some things that I think are the highlights of their store: They have very nice fitting jeans in quite a varity of washes. I have the jeans below and love them. I had been looking for jeans for a long time that fit pretty much perfectly and because the size range is so large it makes it easy to find some jeans that fit.
  Let's say you are a size 8 for example, you can try a 8 in regular, slim, or plus size and in flare, boot-cut, or skinny. I have a story: Before I knew that my size came in regular, slim and plus-size I picked out two different washes of boot-cut jeans, tried one pair on and they fit perfect, tried on the other and they were all baggy. I said, "Huh?" Then I figured out that they had stickers that showed if they were regular, slim, or plus size!
  Another thing is that they have nice sweaters. So if you need a sweater I would recomend Old Navy. Here are two that I found on the website that are nice. I have the sweater below only in pink with white stripes.

They have about $3.00 flip flops in so many colours and patterns. I would get a new pair every year because the foam ones do pick up germs. The regular sandles look pretty nice too.
They also have loads of graphic t-shirts with cute decals. Here are some I found on the website. I have one that says: I Like Doing Fun Stuff!
That's why I think Old Navy is a good place to shop. Especially for girls in between the ages 7 and 15. ~~Ponytails 


Molytail said...

We don't have an Old Navy in our town, but I've been to one before ~ you're right, they sell lots of awesome clothes. [even for mums!]

Ponytails said...

Thanks for the comment!

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