Monday, August 20, 2012

♥ Lovely Giveaway! ♥

Hello! I would like to share a lovely giveaway with you today! I have my eye on The Hunger Games necklace. :)
This giveaway is on Beloved Star which is Nela's blog! :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Splash of Sunshine Blog Party!

Hi everyone! Long time no see. ;) I will update you soon on what I'm up to and if I'm starting a new blog. :) Hope you're having a lovely summer so far! ♥

I wanted to enter this blog party so here I go! It's hosted by Virtuous Girlhood and Bramblewood Fashion! :)

1. What word are you totally loving at the moment? Hmmmm, BEAUTIFUL. I love the sound of the word and I love using it. ♥

2. Any tv shows/movies you are excited for this fall? Nope, not really. :)

3. Anything that symbolizes something to you? An owl. Anytime, I see an owl, I think of Owl City and Adam Young. I had the privilege to attend his concert this month. It was the most inspiring day of my life.

4. Two favorite songs at the moment? Hmmmm, Face Up by Lights and The Saltwater Room by Owl City. ♥

5. If there was suddenly a world taker over by an evil dictator what would you do? I would pray. :)

6. What is your favorite summer activity? Hanging out with friends, doing photoshoots, making music videos, shopping, and dancing. :)

7. What has been your favorite summer vacation? This year? We went to a small town and they had all these adorable vintage shops! :)

8. If you received an unlimited shopping spree to any store, what store would it be for? Hmmmm, Forever 21, this little boutique half an hour from my house, H&M, any shoe stores, or American Eagle.

9. What is your favorite summertime food? Popsicles, pizza, frozen yogurt, ice cream, ice coffee.

10. What is your favorite summertime movie? Emma, Tangled, Pride and Prejudice, The Parent Trap...:)

Good luck to all who entered! :) 

Saturday, March 31, 2012

There's a New Blog in Town!

Hello my readers! My apologies for not posting on this blog in a while. Guess what's new in Blogville??? I have a new blog that I will be posting on along with my friend! The name of our blog is Vintage City Fashion and we will be posting about fashion, thrifting, and anything else we think of! If you have a few minutes, I would love it if you could check it out! If you love this blog, there will be similar posts on Vintage City Fashion. Here is a picture of me:
I am also thinking about starting my own new blog that would be a Christian blog about everything from true beauty to music!

A little update about me: I am fourteen and I am enjoying my first year in highschool. There is a fashion course at my highschool which I am interested in taking! I love fashion, beauty, photography, music, my oxfords, the colour purple, and Owl City. For more about me please visit my new updated profile!

I hope all my readers are doing wonderfully and I hope to see you at my new blog! :-)


Monday, August 29, 2011

Questions, Polyvore, and a Poll

Does anyone have any questions for me? About my blog, about me, about my opinion on something? If so, ask away in the comments below! I'll answer everyone's questions a week from today!

Here's an outfit:
An Outfit for Summer

The results are in on one of my polls.

Do you like my Polyvore posts?

Yes! I love them! (75%)

They're not for me (0%)

They're okay...I guess...maybe (0%)

I like them, but don't post them as often! (25%)

The majority says I should keep posting Polyvore outfits. I will keep doing them, then! Probably not as often, though.


P.S. Don't forget to vote on my nail design poll! :-D

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vintage Dresses on Polyvore

I Love Vintage Dresses

Modern Vintage Outfit

There are some very beautiful vintage dresses on Polyvore. I love vintage dresses, so I love that there are vintage dresses on Polyvore. I really love vintage dresses from the 1950s. I think they're gorgeous. I hope you enjoy these two outfits!


P.S. Don't forget to vote on my polls!

P.P.S. Comment below and tell me what your favourite song right now is. I would love to know!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fall 2011 Fashion Trends: Brightly Coloured Pants

This is the first post in my fall fashion series! {insert wild screaming and applause here} Yay! First off, I would like to give a big thank you to THIS website which provided a post with 10 fashion trends for this fall which I have been using so I know what the trends are!

Oh, and I'm not talking about these trends:
I mean, you could follow these trends, but where's the fun in that?

Trend #1
Brightly Coloured Pants
I really like this trend. I think it's really interesting. But I know that some people wouldn't be comfortable wearing bright coloured pants. Some people may think they draw to much unwanted attention too your legs. Some may just have a hard time thinking about themselves in such bright colours of pants. I do agree a little bit with the too much attention for your legs thing, but I think you can wear them with the right outfit. Here is one example:
Fall Fashion Trends: Brightly Coloured Pants

Okay, it's kind of 2 examples in one. I couldn't decide between plain shoes and a coloured clutch and coloured shoes and a plain clutch. You can decide which one you like better. I also couldn't decide on a shirt, so you can decide that, too.

Basically, you could wear the pants (in your choice of colour) with a cute t-shirt and a black cardigan and then add either of the options. Let's say you have blue pants, you could do some orange accessories because orange is the opposite of blue on the colour wheel. Oh, and don't think this is the only good way to wear coloured pants. This is just one suggestion of mine.

Some of you probably don't like pants or don't think they are comfortable. Don't worry, I came up with an outfit you can wear! This is also good for those of you who think coloured pants are a little much.
Fall Fashion Trends: My Twist on Brightly Coloured Pants

Again, I did two outfit options. I think a brightly coloured skirt is a great way to use this trend without going over the top!

That's it for my first fall fashion post! I hope you enjoyed it!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random Post: Nail Polish, Fall Fashion, and Thrift Stores

I would like to film some nail tutorials. What would you like to see? I would love to hear all suggestions. I am going to put up poll on the sidebar with some suggestions I have, so please check that out! :-)

I'm going to start my fall fashion posts soon. I'm excited about that! I'm going to use Polyvore to make outfits based on the trends. Fall fashion is nice because you can dress really modestly and fashionably when it's cold out.

I just thought of something I never told everyone here! I cannot believe I forgot to tell you! I volunteer at a thrift store every week now! :-) If you have a thrift store around where you live, you should try it! It's lots of fun. It's kind like a dream come true for me because they let me dress the mannequins sometimes! I love doing that! I grew up going to thrift stores and trying to find treasures, so it's interesting and kind of weird that I get to see what goes on behind the scenes. The thrift store I volunteer at with my Mom and little sister is one of the nicer thrift stores around where we live. I'm not in anyway putting down not as nice thrift stores! I like those ones, too! I just meant one of the ones that's more put together than one where people who really need clothing go. But I will admit that they charge to much for the clothes sometimes!

And that concludes my kind of long random post.

Have a nice day!


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