Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fall 2011 Fashion Trends: Brightly Coloured Pants

This is the first post in my fall fashion series! {insert wild screaming and applause here} Yay! First off, I would like to give a big thank you to THIS website which provided a post with 10 fashion trends for this fall which I have been using so I know what the trends are!

Oh, and I'm not talking about these trends:
I mean, you could follow these trends, but where's the fun in that?

Trend #1
Brightly Coloured Pants
I really like this trend. I think it's really interesting. But I know that some people wouldn't be comfortable wearing bright coloured pants. Some people may think they draw to much unwanted attention too your legs. Some may just have a hard time thinking about themselves in such bright colours of pants. I do agree a little bit with the too much attention for your legs thing, but I think you can wear them with the right outfit. Here is one example:
Fall Fashion Trends: Brightly Coloured Pants

Okay, it's kind of 2 examples in one. I couldn't decide between plain shoes and a coloured clutch and coloured shoes and a plain clutch. You can decide which one you like better. I also couldn't decide on a shirt, so you can decide that, too.

Basically, you could wear the pants (in your choice of colour) with a cute t-shirt and a black cardigan and then add either of the options. Let's say you have blue pants, you could do some orange accessories because orange is the opposite of blue on the colour wheel. Oh, and don't think this is the only good way to wear coloured pants. This is just one suggestion of mine.

Some of you probably don't like pants or don't think they are comfortable. Don't worry, I came up with an outfit you can wear! This is also good for those of you who think coloured pants are a little much.
Fall Fashion Trends: My Twist on Brightly Coloured Pants

Again, I did two outfit options. I think a brightly coloured skirt is a great way to use this trend without going over the top!

That's it for my first fall fashion post! I hope you enjoyed it!


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