Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random Post: Nail Polish, Fall Fashion, and Thrift Stores

I would like to film some nail tutorials. What would you like to see? I would love to hear all suggestions. I am going to put up poll on the sidebar with some suggestions I have, so please check that out! :-)

I'm going to start my fall fashion posts soon. I'm excited about that! I'm going to use Polyvore to make outfits based on the trends. Fall fashion is nice because you can dress really modestly and fashionably when it's cold out.

I just thought of something I never told everyone here! I cannot believe I forgot to tell you! I volunteer at a thrift store every week now! :-) If you have a thrift store around where you live, you should try it! It's lots of fun. It's kind like a dream come true for me because they let me dress the mannequins sometimes! I love doing that! I grew up going to thrift stores and trying to find treasures, so it's interesting and kind of weird that I get to see what goes on behind the scenes. The thrift store I volunteer at with my Mom and little sister is one of the nicer thrift stores around where we live. I'm not in anyway putting down not as nice thrift stores! I like those ones, too! I just meant one of the ones that's more put together than one where people who really need clothing go. But I will admit that they charge to much for the clothes sometimes!

And that concludes my kind of long random post.

Have a nice day!


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