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Hi! Thanks for looking at my blog! Well, I guess you want to know a little about me. Okay, here are some things about me:

-My blog nickname is Ponytails. It's my name because when I was younger I went through a phase where I would wear two ponytails almost everyday.

-I'm 13, but I'll be 14 very soon.

-I am a homeschooler, but I'm on summer vacation right now. I finished Grade 8 in June.

-I love photography. Here's an example: 

-I love fashion.

-I love beauty.

-I love nail polish.

-I love old cars.

-I love old music.

-I love old things.

-I love old clothes.

-I love the song "Here Comes the Sun" by The Beatles.

-I love electronics and working on things like cars.

-I love dressing modestly, but fashionably.

-I love oxford shoes and fedoras.

-I love funny movies.

-I love smiley faces. ;-) :-) :-D

-I love singing.

-I love brownies.

-I love making people laugh.

-I love acting.

I think that's all you need to know.

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