Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jacket Makeover and Pink Circle Scarf

This week was my little sister's birthday and I decided that I would give her a couple pieces of clothing. Not from the store! It was much more fun to make them and my little sister had always admired my blue circle scarf. Another thing she had always liked was this navy blue fabric jacket not made out of jean but in a jean jacket style.

   I made her a circle scarf out of a pink shirt I got from Michael's when the t-shirts were on sale and I gave her the jacket but I made some changes to it. I brought out my Crayola fabric markers and cut a star from some fabric and using a template. Those Crayola fabric markers are great and I only payed about a dollar at a yard sale for them! I thought of a few designs and settled on a "I Love Horses" design because she loves horses. I drew it and then ironed it to set the design.

   Then I had to sew on the patch. I thought at first that I would sew it on the sewing machine but my Mom thought that it would be better if I sewed it by hand. I decided that I would put it on the pocket and I sewed it on. I had to kind of go in the pocket and then out because I wanted the pocket to be able to open.

   That's was all I did besides clean the jacket first! My little sister really likes her scarf and jacket and I see her wear them all the time. She actually got a complement on the patch today. I love how the pink circle scarf turned out!

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