Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Circle Scarf

I did a project last week (with the help of my Dad) that I think turned out amazing!
The project I did was a circle scarf. The place I got it from was one of my favorite blogs, Mad in Crafts and she linked from here. I did the no-sew but you could do the sewing one too. Don't forget her post on the different ways to wear it! I was going to buy a new shirt but my Dad had bought a shirt that didn't fit right so, it cost me nothing! Here it is doubled!



Molytail said...

That's pretty neat ~ and lucky that your dad had a shirt he didn't want, because free is always awesome. *grin*

Delia said...

Cute! Thanks for the links to the other "circle" scarves. That one girl who makes them into dresses...genius! :)

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