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Art: How to Draw a Girl

This is a good way to draw if you are thinking up an idea for an outfit or you want to learn how to draw a girl! This kind of drawing really doesn't have a name because I have used a little bit of Manga I learned from a girl last year, my own ideas on how to draw, as well as some stuff from books! I have a really cool tip on drawing hair so it doesn't look like it is stuck to the girl's head, too!

To draw a girl you will need:
a sharp pencil
an eraser
some paper

1. Lightly draw a cross near the top of your paper in the middle to leave room for the hair. Make the verticle line slightly longer then the other one.

2. Following the points of the cross make an oval around the cross.

3. At the bottom of the oval make a neck by curving two lines inwards.

4. Draw two curves coming out from the neck for shoulders.


5. Draw the neckline for the shirt (also used for a dress). A half circle, V, or square neck is fine, I'm using a V neck for this girl.

6. Now add any bling or jewelry to your girl that is going to be on the neck.
7. Now it's time to make the sleeves. Draw two sort of curved or straight lines across from the shoulders.

8. Now connect those lines to make sleeves.
9. Now make two long lines curving just a very little bit inwards coming down from the sleeves for the sides of the shirt (also used for a dress). Now connect those two lines for the bottom of your shirt. (if this is a dress skip connecting these lines.

10. Now for pants make two long lines coming down from the shirt and make them both like L shapes only the right leg is a backwards L this will be how long the pants will be. If you are making a dress or a skirt make these lines as long as you like for the length of the skirt or dress and instead of L shapes just connect the two lines straight across.

11. For pants now bring two lines back up the other side of the L shapes almost all the way.

12. Now make fashion belt or sash by drawing a line across the 'top' of the lines you just drew andand continuing it across (it's same for a skirt or dress. Just make a line straight across the skirt or dress where you want the sash or belt. Decorate the belt with stars, stripes, or whatever.

13. Now make some ankles or socks and make some shoes. For shoes, just experiment until you have what you like.

14. Now it's time to add some arms and hands. Draw two lines coming out of each sleeve for arms they should come down as far as the waist. For hands: look at your own hands, the thumb faces in towards your body, your middle finger is longest, the middle finger and index finger are about the same length, and your pinky is way shorter then the rest. You don't need to add knuckle lines though. I didn't draw the hands big enough on this girl, make sure your girl's hands aren't tiny.

15. Have you noticed something about your girl? She's bald! Time to add some hair. We are doing long hair today, so if you are having trouble making another style please leave it in the comments and I will make a post about it. Make a rainbow or upside down U over the girl's head,

 then draw lines to make it look like it's behind her back,

 and add a upside down curvy V.

 Now the trick and tip: See how we're building out the hair from the head? This will make it look fuller and not stuck to the head. Simply erase where the top of the head is. Isn't that smart? 

16. Now for the face. Draw to arcs over yes, over the hair for eyebrows,


draw two more arcs on the face, (I hid part of them with the hair, you don't have to.) draw two curved lines coming down from those arcs, and make two the same sized curved boxes. These are the eyes. Erase the cross on the face. Draw in pupils, they should reach from the tops to the bottoms of the eyes.

Following the line of the eyebrow and make a nose sort of a slightly curved line and a small nose at the end. Erase some of the nose so it doesn't look like it's coming out of the eyebrow. Add a smile and any extra accessories. And she's done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you are intrested in more drawing stuff e-mail me at: mypassionsforfashions (at) yahoo (dot) com

This tutorial is for personal use only. Copyright 2010 My Passions for Fashions

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