Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello Kitty Headband

(Image on left from: Salty Pineapple)
I found a really good tutorial from this great blog called Salty Pineapple. The tutorial I am featuring today is for a Hello Kitty Headband! I made one and it is so cute and it is really simple to make. Nikki, from Salty Pineapple used hard headbands to make them but I had bought a pack of stretchy elastic headbands awhile back that I barely wear so this was a great way to transform one into a special headband! The pack I had bought had 6 colours in two different styles per colour(thin ones without flowers and thick ones with flowers)so they were a really good deal! Here's what they look like:
There are lots of colour options to chose from! You can match the felt and headband colour like Nikki or make a colour combination, like me! I decided to go with a thin pink headband with a yellow bow. Here are the results from the headband:

This got me thinking, "Who else wears a bow?"
Minnie Mouse!
I doubled the size of the bow and instead of hot gluing it to the headband I just sewed it to headband to see if that would work too. You can also hot glue it. This would be great for a Halloween costume!
 I know the Minnie Mouse one looks a little bit dorky otherwise and I would probably NOT recomend wearing it in a place with lots of other people, like the mall. Because you would probably get some funny looks! :P
 I really like my new Hello Kitty headband! If you guys want more hair accessory projects please let me know! 

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Mayra,mommy to Pooh Bear said...

That is sooo cute! I love hk.
I have a son so no headband for

Have a lovely week!!

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