Friday, October 15, 2010

S.O.S. (Save Our Shoes) Tutorial

What do you do when you want to have the comfort of your socks, but you don't want to wear them with your heels or flats? You either don't wear socks or follow this tutorial. This tutorial will show you how to still wear your socks, but without them ruining your outfit! 

There are some reasons that should wear socks with all your shoes (excluding flip-flops, ewww) and here they are:

-They make your feet more comfortable

-You still have something on your feet when you take off your shoes, instead of going barefoot in someone's house that doesn't have the cleanest floors (I'm not pointing any fingers) 

-People's feet sweat and it might make your shoes stink

-It's more sanitary

Is that enough good reasons? The only reason you shouldn't wear socks with flats or heels is that it ruins your outfit. If that is the case, this tutorial is for you! Let's get started!

To make S.O.S.'s you will need:

Clean socks (more about that later)

Shoes that you want to use as models


Sewing machine

Thread for the sewing machine


Fabric Chalk

Surface to work on

You can use old socks as long as they are clean! I used one that had a small tear in the top and one that was a little bit grassed stained. You know, in case things went wrong...

 I only did it with flats, so I don't know if this would work with heels. See how wearing them without socks sometimes made them a little dirty inside?

The scissors, pins, and fabric chalk. I actually ended up using a different fabric chalk. My pin cushion looks a little empty because I have been trying out rolling rosettes! On to the tutorial...

1. Once you have chosen your socks, put them on. Now you take your fabric chalk and go around the shoes! We are using fabric chalk beause it can always be wiped off the shoes.You might have to hold down the shoes to your feet in some places so you can trace better.

I drew over the lines with a paint program on the computer.

2. Cut outside the lines leaving a little space. Take off the socks first! This gives you a sort of built in seam allowance. Oh, and that wet stuff on the cardboard is dried up Fray-Stop. ;-)

See how I didn't cut right on the fabric chalk line?

Here are both the socks cut.

3. Pin down the edges of the sock so that the fabric chalk line is at the edge.

4. Set your machine to a zig-zag for a stretch stitch and sew. You could also use a serger if you have one, but I don't have one and I don't really know how they work. If you have tips please share them!

5. Pin and sew the other sock.

6. There, now you have two finished hems. There is something else you have to do, too! When I tried them on, the toe part fit fine, but the back fell right off my foot because I had cut out the elastic that goes around your ankle.

What you do if you are in the same boat is this. Put the socks on inside out and pull back any excess sock fabric so that it is snug, but still easy enough to get on and off you foot. Try walking (carefully, those are pins in the backs of those socks) and see if they fall off your feet and adjust them if needed. Try and make the amount of pulled back fabric about the same on both.

7. Sew right where the pins were and turn them right side out.

8. Adjust if needed. You're done! Put them on, put on your shoes, and tuck in any extra fabric. I hope you liked this!

With socks:

Without socks:

With S.O.S.s:

Much Difference? In style? No.

In comfort? Yes.

Now go and enjoy them!


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ESI said...

Just found your blog, kodos to you! Love this & love little flats but youre right about the socks!! I usually just ruin a pair by cutting them down to fit and tossing them out at the end of the night....i guess i really need to learn how to use this sewing machine! Thanks for a great idea! Ya got a follower here!

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