Monday, April 19, 2010

Barbie and Only Hearts Club Dress Pattern

I promised a Only Hearts Club doll(remember my little sister's doll?) dress pattern and here it is. I also made one for my Barbie so the measurements in bold italics are for Barbie. A Only Hearts Club doll is 9 inches high and a Barbie is 11 1/2 inches high.

1. Pick your fabric. I used a white and yellow gingham from my Mom's fabric box.

2. Gather a compass, ruler, fabric scissors, pinking shears(optional), doll for modeling, and little scrap of contrasting fabric for a sash.

3. Make your compass measure 4 inches (6 inches) and draw a circle and make a X where the point of your compass is.

4. Cut out your circle. Use pinking shears for a cleaner cut with less threads.

5. Fold it in half and cut a small slit where the X is. Start turning it into a half moon so that when you unfold it it will be a circle. Make sure it will fit easily over you doll's head.
6. Do arm holes in the same way. Only making them slits and then wiggle you finger through to make a hole. From the picture you can see how far to make the arm holes apart from the head hole. Make sure your doll's hands go into the holes easily.
7. Time to make the sash. Cut you contrasting fabric into a 7 inch (13 inch) strip as wide as you like.
8. Put the dress over your doll's head and through the arm holes.
9. Tie the sash at the back.
10. You are done! Enjoy you dress!

This pattern is Copyright 2010 My Passions for Fashions


JHill said...

This is adorable! I used to make all kinds of furniture for my dolls, but I never attempted clothes! Great work!

Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

Ponytails said...

Thanks for the comment!


Cheryl said...

I love that this is no-sew. It's wayyyy too bad to sew tiny stuff. Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday!

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