Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2 New Scarves!

I made myself two new scarves a little while back about two weeks ago and thought I should show you them. To start off they are not made out of the same fabric. The braided one was made out of the tops of two t-shirts that I made circle scarves out of. The second one I sewed on the sewing machine out of scraps of fabric. I made up both of the scarves. Basically, for the first one I cut long strips from a t-shirt and tied them together to make a longer rope. then when there were three I braided them. Then I repeated that two more times and tied them all together to make a sort of loop of three long braids. The second one I just cut squares and sewed them all together, then cut one as big as the long line of pink and blue squares, sewed two long sides and one short side, turn it the right side out, and sewed the last short end up. The braided one is not one of my best tries to make a scarf, it was sort of more of an experiment.


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