Thursday, April 22, 2010

Terrific Thrifty Thursday #2

Welcome to the 2nd Terrific Thrifty Thursday! First off is this cool idea  for making plain t-shirts much more cooler! Did I mention that it can cost you nothing?

 Second is this idea for earrings. If you love making your own jewelry like I do and have loads of beads sitting around than it could cost nothing except a little time for making them! You don't have to do it green maybe a purple, blue, or orange is more your color!   

That's it for this Terrific Thrifty Thursday! Now for another cool thing!
If you love my blog than you can now have a blog button on your blog!
If you have been featured on Terrific Thrifty Thursday than grab the second button that says: I was featured on Terrific Thrifty Thursday at My Passions for Fashions. Happy Earth Day!


Mr. Fixit said...

You are very handy, and thanks for fixing my coat-very thrifty indeed1

Anonymous said...

I love the T-shirt idea, and I can't wait to try it on a couple of otherwise-good-but-stained shirts that I've had sitting in the laundry room for ages.

Blogging hint: Double-check your links before you publish, to make sure they take your readers where you want them to go. The earrings link goes to the comment form, but you want it to take me to the blog post itself.

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