Wednesday, December 8, 2010

5 Fave Monday (#5)

Here are some things I having been liking... {Oh, and sorry it's 2 days late! ;)}

1. These awesome pumps from Forever 21:

Isn't the blue pretty? Click HERE to view them. I wish there was a Forever 21 where I live! I can always shop online, though...

2. This lovely dress from Dear Golden Vintage on Etsy:

I just LOVE this! I love vintage clothing! :) Click HERE to view it.

3. Trench coats:

Perfect for spring and fall! Aren't trench coats stylish? I just love them!

4. The snow that has been falling:

(I took both photos)

I love the effect that snow gives to Christmas time! I could do without the cold, cold, cold, though! ;)

5. This adorable giveaway:

You could win this bag at Simply Handmade by Paige! It ends today.

That's it for now!

What have YOU been liking???


Felicity at {Simple Elegance} said...

Oh, my, heavens - those pumps are gorgeous! I wish I could get away with them. I love the color!!! And I'm in love with trench coats too! I have a very cute, trendy black one that reaches just about my knees. I have to say it's nice and attractive paired with a long black skirt and tall black boots, with a stunning top. :)

This week I'm loving rolled up sleeves on guys, simple pearl necklaces, cute and soft fleece blankets, bows, and 3/4 sleeves.

Ponytails [My Passions for Fashions] said...


It's always nice to see your favourites. Thanks for doing that, I love feed back!

Ooooh, a black trench coat! I love that trench coats aren't just in camel. You know Disney from Ruffles and Stuff? She has this light pink trench coat--isn't that a pretty colour for a trench coat? ;)

Thanks for reading!


P.S. I could also see that black trench coat of your with the skirt you refashioned!

Felicity at {Simple Elegance} said...

You are very welcome! You are so sweet! :) I'm wearing my new skirt to classes today, and I will definitely be wearing my trench coat with it! It's so cold, and that's the warmest coat I have. I love it! And I think a light pink trench coat would be my favorite part of my wardrobe, if I had one. I'm sure Disney looks amazing in it! :)

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