Monday, September 20, 2010

Updates On My Blog...

I need to update you guys about somethings on my blog. First off, I know it is The Week of Thrift and I haven't been showing you guys many thrifty finds, so I'm probably going to have to stretch out The Week of Thrift! Also, this week was my Birthday and I did a Birthday post! It was my 100th post!!!!! I wanted to do a post I have wanted to post for awhile now for my 100th one, but I thought that since it was my Birthday I should do something else instead. I wasn't posting my thrifty finds because I was holding out for my 100th post!

And one more thing! I have updated the T-shirt into Belted Top Tutorial with some new finished product pictures and some of the words and sentences changed. Why did I do this? I was submitting it to Blue Cricket Design and I saw it needed some updating! I should have said slits instead of holes, I should have had more pictures of the finished product, etc... I do have a Word document of the html for the old one, though. Please go check out the new one! That's it for now!


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