Thursday, September 9, 2010

Terrific Thrifty Thursday #22

It's the 22nd Terrific Thrifty Thursday. Just so you all know, I will know sometimes be saying TTT instead of Terrific Thrifty Thursday. It's just faster! First up Obsessively Stitching's post about turning a dollar store t-shirt into something waaaay more stylish.

And second is from She Is My Sister. Using crayons, regular, colouring page, wax crayons you can colour on your fabric! This is awesome!

Hey, how about making a shirt like Obsessively Stitching's and using crayons to decorate it?! Do you have an idea for a Terrific Thrifty Thursday? Then you can submit an easy cooking, frugal, accessory, clothing, tip, and/or craft related project to: mypassionsforfashions (at) yahoo (dot) ca And if you have been featured please grab one of my buttons for your blog!

Also, when finishing off a recent TTT, I saw that my e-mail had a ".com" after it instead of my ".ca". I have corrected some past TTTs now. I'm sorry if you tried to send an idea in and I didn't respond, it was the wrong address, sorry!


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