Sunday, September 12, 2010

I See Some Refashioning Happening in My Very Near Future...

About 15 or so minutes ago our next door neighbour came by and gave us 2 bags of clothing. I came outside to say hi to my Dad and he was standing talking to her and holding 2 bags of clothing! I haven't went through them yet. They have been cleaning out their garage and had already come over with another bag a week or so ago. (showing that to you soon)

You know what I'm thinking, don't you? REFASHIONING TIME! Yep, I love using old clothes to make new ones! And second hand is nice because I don't have to cut apart my stuff. All I do when I get second hand fabric or clothing from thrift stores or neighbours is wash it. For fabric to make sure it isn't going to shrink. And for both to clean the fabric or clothing! I'm excited! ;-) See you guys Monday.


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