Friday, September 10, 2010

Strap It Up

I'm trying to have more intresting titles! ;-) Anyway, I would love to own a pair of strappy sandals/gladiators. I don't own any and I just think they are so stylish and they would go with a lot of outfits! Here are a few pairs I like:
(Old Navy) I found these on the Old Navy website in May and they don't seem to be on the site anymore. I love the beaded tops!

(Priscilla Embellished Gladiator Sandal American Eagle at Payless) I love everything about these and they have really good reviews! These are probably my favourites.

(Zen Gladiator Sandal Montego Bay Club at Payless) These are so simple and chic! I love the buckles on the gladiator type sandals.

(Source) I like #10 the most.

I really don't like the kinds that go far up your legs:

(Source) Ewwww.

(Source) I'm sorry if any of you like these tall ones, they are just not my personal favourite.

Spring has a lot of pretty pairs. Here is one pair I liked:

(CHASSER at Spring) Love the straps on these.

(Moxie Strappy Flat Sandal Montego Bay Club at Payless) I really like these. They come in gold, purple, and silver! Montego Bay Club seens to have lots of stylish strappy sandals.

I know some of these days now are a little colder now, but I think they would look great maybe in an outfit like this:

Yep, I did a collage in paint from a few different stores. Now, about the outfit. The top I know is a little more than I would pay, but I had a "vision" and this basically fit it. The tank top is to go under, because the top is sheer! I know basically everyone reading this blog will not be able to fit girl's shorts. This ensemble is what I was thinking, I'm not wanting anyone who wants to copy this to think they have to find the exact same belt, or sandals. These are guide lines!

The belt is $12.00, but Suzy Shier has great deals! I went in there with my sister to look around and they have some great 1/2 price items in there, so maybe it would be six dollars... I meant the belt to cinch at the waist, not for the shorts! And those sandals are one pair I mentioned further up in this post. Love those!

 I would really like some feed-back on this ensemble. Ugly? Wonderful? Would you have used something different? What are your thoughts on strappy sandals?


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