Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday To Ponytails! 5 Things About Me!

Guess what? My Birthday was in the last few days!!! I'm 13! I'm excited! I'm one of those people that gets all excited about her Birthday. I can't believe I'm a teenager already. Here are 5 things you probably didn't know about me.
1. I can do a mean cartwheel. I even did one in the aisle of a store once! Don't worry, there wasn't anyone there. ;-)
2. I pay for a lot of my own things. My parents pay for coats, sneakers, and the sensible stuff. I pay for all my thrifty finds, craft stuff, and clothes that are stuff I want, but you know, aren't a need. Of course I pay for a lot of other things too.

3. I love when people complement my clothes and I can say back, "Thanks! I made it!". I was at a Birthday party for a friend and we had a little fashion show. We all gathered in the office to wait for judging and some girls said, "I love your sweater!". (The t-shirt shrug!) I said I had made it along with the skirt and one girl said, "You should be a fashion designer!".  Love that.

4. I did my Grandpa's lawn all summer. He did pay me! Maybe I should go to the fabric store...

5. I use to "stalk" blogs for quite awhile before I started following! Now I'm glad I switched over! I don't have to check all the blogs and find 2 new posts after checking 10 blogs.

I hope those were good facts! Have a great weekend!


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