Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Roll Up Your Shoes Again!

Remember when I showed you the "Fabby Rollable Ballet Flats"? I didn't see that there were more brands to choose from! All of them have the same idea, roll up (or fold up your shoes) small, and put them in your handbag. I just thought I would show you the different styles and brands! Oh, and all these brands come in different colours! ;-) All linked to from the CSN website.

What do you think of rollable ballet flats?



Anonymous said...

footzyrolls was the first to market the concept and the rest were copycats.. I love them and got them after Oprah recommended them last year. They are so stylish and you can wear them outside. They come in such a cute can and they have high fashion lux snakeskins

Ponytails said...

I wasn't sure which came first. Thanks for the info! Thanks for telling me more about the footzyrolls brand, they sound awesome!

MJS said...

Check out the Flip Slip at www.flipslip.com. It is the first foldable mary jane with it's own purse that turns into a bag for your heels while you walk to the party in comfort. They are awesome, and really a street shoe as opposed to the flimsy ballet flat that rolls up.

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