Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Results of the "I Want My Passions for Fashions To..." Poll

Thanks for voting on my poll if you did! Here are the results of it.

have more tutorials 0 (0%)

have more reviews of stores and products 0 (0%)

start an Etsy shop 2 (50%)

have some beauty and hair tips 0 (0%)

stay how it is! 1 (25%)

talk more about trends and fashion 0 (0%)

make Terrific Thrifty Thursday a linky party 0 (0%)

have more recipes 1 (25%)

share outfits My Passions for Fashions put together 0 (0%)

change completely! 0 (0%)

It looks like 2 people want me to start an Etsy shop, 1 person would like me to have more recipes, and 1 person want doesn't want it to change. If there is a suggestion you have that wasn't in the poll I would really like to hear it. Also, a heads up that I have some really cool posts coming up. Oh, and today I got my 12th follower, welcome! Yay!


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