Monday, August 30, 2010

And Even More of My Favourite Things

I love doing the favourite things posts! Just please note again these are thing I have not bought and I was not asked to do reviews. Just showing you some of my favourite things! Here we go.

Come Shop Pink Lemonade: Black and Gray Ruffle Tank Top

I love the black ruffle on the plain gray tank top!

Some just caught my eye about these. Maybe it's the maroon clashing with the white!

Dear Golden Vintage: vintage 1960s SASAMI OBI dress

I love vintage dresses and I love this one with the floral sash! Very pretty.

Beautiful Purpose: Crochet Boots

I really like this picture. And the boots of course!

Jewelry For a Dollar: Multi Purple Dangle Earrings

All those pretty purple beads!

Isn't this pretty? I love the raspberry colour of this one. Not really the length, though.

That's it for now! What do you think?



Anonymous said...

Thank you for featuring my top!!! :)

The Apprentice said...

That black vintage dress you could easily replicate with your recently acquired black sheath dress, and sewing a sash in a print fabric!

And you definitely have all the stuff to make those earrings, I could show you if you'd like.

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