Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Two Truths and a Lie Tuesday

I'm trying something different today. I got the idea from Write it in Lipstick.
I'm going to tell you two true things about me and one lie. You pick out the lie and comment telling me which you think it is! 
  • I can speak and sing in Latin.
  • I have been to Mexico.
  • I love fashion.
This is pretty easy. :)


Isabella said...

"I can speak and sing in Latin."

That was kind of easy. =)

Mary said...

I agree with Isabella...
Your right this was pretty easy :) Who would've thought that the girl from My Passions For Fashions liked... FASHION?!?! :) Good to see you back. I had to find other blogs to check because I missed yours!!! SO glad your up and posting :)

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