Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Two Truths and a Lie Tuesday (#2)

It's time for another Two Truths and a Lie Tuesday!
  • I am 5'2".
  • I love lipgloss.
  • My blog's birthday is in 6 days.
Please pick out the lie and leave a comment saying what it is!

You want to now what the lie from last week was, right? Here were the options:
  • I can speak and sing in Latin.
  • I have been to Mexico.
  • I love fashion.
It was "I have been to Mexico." I can sing a few songs and say some things in Latin. We study it in school! Thanks for guessing!



Mary said...

Really? I was wrong last Tuesday, haha! Ok... I'm guessing on this one. I know it's not the third one- you have a button that says "Blogaversary in so-and-so". Haha. And of course you knew that. I'm guessing its... "I love lipgloss". I don't care much for it myself so that's my guess.

craftydiva said...

Hey, I gave you the Stylish Blogger Award!!

craftydiva said...

Also, I have a VERY Terrific Thrifty post on my blog right now I thought you might want to feature tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

"i love lipgloss"? that is my guess.:)


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