Thursday, November 18, 2010

Terrific Thrifty Thursday #32

It's Terrific Thrifty Thursday! TTT is when I feature DIYs and projects from other blogs from around blogtown. Here goes the 32nd edition of Terrific Thrifty Thursday!

Made by Lex shares a tie-dye scarf which I think is fabulous! I ♥ the fringe. Check out the blog, it's awesome!

Skip To My Lou made this gorgeous headband. I love this! Isn't it stunning?

Do you have a project to share for a Terrific Thrifty Thursday? Then you can submit it to: {mypassionsforfashions (at) yahoo (dot) ca} I would love to hear from you! Also, if you have been featured please grab one of my buttons for your blog!

One more thing... I have some new followers (I did notice some of you a little while ago) and I just wanted to actually say 'Welcome'! So, welcome, Felicity, Isabella, and Zoe! Thanks for reading. Thanks to anyone who has commented, follows, or reads this blog!

Also, commenting has gotten easier! (hint, hint) There is NO typing in letters or words to send your comments, I'm just moderating them now instead. 


1 comment:

Felicity {at Simple Elegance} said...

Thanks for the welcome, Ponytails! I voted for you! :)

Felicity @ <a href=">Simple Elegance</a>

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