Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Please Vote!

I was nominated in both the "Best Teen Blog" and the "Best Crafts, Plans, & Projects Blog" categories in the Homeschool Blog Awards at The Homeschool Post! Basically, each year The Homeschool Post has Homeschool Blog Awards for Moms and Dads who homeschool and for the kids being homeschooled. Since I'm homeschooled, I was allowed to be nominated and now you can vote for your favourites!

You can vote for me in "Best Teen Blog" or/and "Best Crafts, Plans, and Projects" if you like! If I'm not your favourite homeschooled teen blogger, that's ok. It's your choice, but I would really appreciate it! Also, if you like my Mom's blog, Dewey's Treehouse she was nominated in "Best Homeschooling Methods Blog".  Also note that I nominated Simply Handmade by Paige for "Best Crafts, Plans, and Projects", so you could nomintate her for that and me for teen! ;)

Thanks to anyone who nominated me and to anyone who votes for me!

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