Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hi! I'm sorry I haven't really posted at all this week. I was helping with VBS. My Mom was the Kindergarden/Grade 1 teacher and I helped her because I am to old to be a kid in VBS. I helped her last year and I am helping this year! Tommorow is the last day and our class is doing a skit and so is the Grade 4 to 6 and the Grade 2 to 3 classes! I thought the song were really well written this year and I wished the lady from our church could have done of them all! If you want more details my Mom has recently posted a few posts on her blog, Dewey's Treehouse! I had actually heard some of the songs already from different places. Those kids are really fun to be with and I was doing little kid games, I think they liked having the games with me because I was more their age. One little kid asked me to race him so I said, "Sure." I zoomed right passed him and he said, "Boy, you're fast for your age!" That was pretty funny! Oh yeah, here are of my favourite songs from this year's Group VBS. (we didn't do some of them)

(Me and another girl from my church and my sister and I think one or two other kids sang parts on this and it sounds REALLY good)


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