Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beach Wrap (Clothes Design Class)

My clothes design class finished in May but, I waited a bit to do a post on my last two projects there. It was an awesome class! We had a mini fashion show at the end for all us girls to show off what we had made. From the title you are guessing I made a beach wrap.Yep! After I made the tank top I had some knit leftover so, with that rectangle I made a beach wrap! Basically, I added velcro and added a jean star applique patch! This isn't a tutorial so I won't go into detail but, if you want a tutorial let me know! The patch looks 10x better than in the photo though! Oh, and did I mention it can be a: beach wrap, skirt, shawl, and beach blanket?! Here are the pictures(and, yes those are the jean shorts!): 

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