Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mall Finds

I went to the mall with my family on Saturday and I wanted to show you what I got. First of all, I am not the kind of person who goes to the mall and spends $100.00 on clothes. 2 reasons: I like finding discounts and being frugal and I am not always buying my own clothes because I am only almost 13 AND I have a older and younger sister who need clothes too. My Mom posted on her blog, Dewey's Treehouse about our mall trip. Anyway, back to my mall finds.

I needed a pair of dressier shoes because my other pair were falling apart. Let me tell you, I have size 9 shoe size and sometimes I need a 9, a 9 1/2, or a 9 wide! I needed a 9 wide in flats and there were only about 6 pairs in the shoe store of 9 wide flats! It is in the mall so it's not very big so, I understand them not having very many shoes! I wanted a pair of black flats because they match everything but, I found these gray ones. They had black too but, only in 9 and they had the gray in 9 wide! I really like these.

I could see someone doing a knock-off of these with the jersey knots! These are so comfortable! And we got a discount of 30%! I also went to Old Navy and got a shirt and a tanktop. I like Old Navy and it is a good store but I don't really love Old Navy but, I liked the colour of the shirt. There was a good discount there, it was student/teacher week.

What's that? If you are a student show your student card and if you are a teacher show your teacher I.D.! You don't get I.D. until you are in highschool so, I don't know why they did that. Couldn't they have just given a discount to everyone school aged? Or course I'm only going into 8th grade and I'm homeschooled so, I don't have a student card! My Mom is my teacher (my Dad does do science and math with me) and she has a card from a Provincial Homeschool Group and the cashier said, "What's that?" she took it anyway!

The tanktop that I wore with my t-shirt shrug was a little low for me so I put it on inside out, pinned where the straps should be, sewed, and sewed the loops that were made to the back of the straps. Now it isn't low! Those are my mall finds! What have you found at the mall lately?

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