Thursday, July 1, 2010

Old Shirt to New Shirt!

Hi! I made a new t-shirt and it looks really cool! My Dad had gotten a t-shirt at Giant Tiger and he wore it once, washed it, and guess what? It shrunk! I asked him if he had any t-shirts that didn't fit him and was hoping I could repurpose one. He showed me that one and said, "I wore it once and it shrunk, I can't wear it, go ahead!" "Thanks!" So, this is what I did.

I used a t-shirt that fit me really well and pinned up to the armholes because I wanted to change the sleeves. I sewed where the pins were and later I actually had to take it in a bit because I wanted to make sure it wasn't to small for me the first time. Then, I trimmed the excess fabric. I then made the sleeves a different shape so they didn't have that stiff shape of a plain t-shirt's sleeves. I had to make a new hem on the sleeves and I wanted the hem to be very narrow so I had to use something else other then pins, what would that be?

At my family's house we have our Singer on my Great-Grandma's old sewing machine like this. Pretty cool, huh?

Ok, this is how my family got it: When I was born, my Mom and Dad and older sister lived in a tiny house so, they moved in to my Great-Grandparent's old house! The furniture was still there and so was the sewing machine! So, they just put our sewing machine on top(we got a new one since then, though) and it became the sewing spot!

Like the house having furniture, the sewing machine's drawers were filled with cool stuff and my Mom just left that stuff in the drawer for special projects. There is old ric-rac, edging, very vintage thread, and some other misc. stuff. It's really cool to look through that stuff! Well, I asked my Mom if we had any masking tape to hold down the hem while sewing and she said no but...check out what she found in one of the drawers!

Vintage 3M tape! This stuff is so cool and is still sticky!  So, I stuck down the hems and went around. I added a applique star from some of the remain from my jean shorts and cut off the neck rim and stretched it. I cut up the sides a little to make it more into a tunic at the bottom and that was it! The side cuts did come un-done a bit and I had to sew them back but, otherwise it turned out pretty much perfect! The sides have some trouble because of the slits but, I love it!

I didn't take pictures of making it, sorry! I showed my Dad when I was done and he was surprised I finished it so fast! I'm wearing a brown tank-top under it. What do you think? Would you or have you made something like this? Would you like a real tutorial for this?

  Before: (Ahh! Bad lighting!) :-P


Happy Canada Day!!!!!

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