Thursday, January 6, 2011

Feminine Fashion Week: Day 6

I had fun taking the pictures for my outfit today! (I use a tripod) I started with the place I took my pictures on Day 5 and Day 4, but I didn't like it. I moved into the hall where we have some awesome wallpaper, but it was still a tad boring. I decided to embrace the "Granny/Antique" theme of the wallpaper and added a tea cup. These were so much fun! Here's my Day 6:

The details:
Shrug: I made it! (Posted HERE)
Tank top: Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy
Heart necklace: Gift from Aunt and Uncle

So, go take some fun picture for Day 7! :o)


Libbi H. said...


Nela said...

Cute outfit! The shrug looks really awesome! Great work! :)

Mary said...

You have such adorable outfits. Love the whole vintage look in the background!

Marie said...

I love this shrug!

Mary said...

I loved your shrug so much I made one of my own (to be shown in Jan. 11ths Feminine Fashion Week Day 3!). I absolutely love it. Thanks for the great idea.

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