Monday, January 10, 2011

5 Fave Monday (#10)

Ten weeks of 5 Fave Monday! I had thought about this before and I think since I have been doing 5 Fave Monday for 10 weeks, it would be fun to do! What is this? You leave your comments below with your favourite things this week and I'll post them along with you blogger name on the next 5 Fave Monday. Sound good? Great.

Now onto my favourites of the week:

1. My new coat. (showing you pictures soon!) I got a gift card for Christmas! :o)

2. This nail polish:

Perfect for spring.

3. These pretty ruffled things:


Am I boring you? I hope not! There are SO many pretty ruffled things. What do you think about the ones I highlighted?
4. This necklace:

I love this!

5. This clutch:

I ♥ the bow and the colour!

What have YOU been liking?


Isabella said...

I remember when you posted the first Five Fave Monday. :

Mary said...

Awesome, love the silver purse with the bow! My favorite things this week...poofy dresses, my pink flats w/ silver ribbon, crocheted things, and my blue necklace (Feminine Fashion Week Day 1! i think lol!)

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