Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Any Questions?

I did questions and answers a couple of months ago, but I wanted to do it again! So, is there something you want to ask me? A fashion question? A question about me? Something you want my opinion on? Leave you questions in the comments. I will answer each question one week from today. :)


Isabella said...

You might have answered this question already (not sure, I have not read your past question and answer thing), but why is your blog name Ponytails? :)

Doviegirl said...

How do you find your pictures?

Zoe said...

do you have brothers or sisters? are your parents married?


Mary said...

I'd love to know what you wish you look like. I'd love it if I had really-really long hair, what about you? How long is your hair? And I have one more question. What's your favorite season? Mine is winter- I love snow :)

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